Over the years, I have owned many businesses. I have been blessed with the need to explore and try new activities, always seemingly flitting from one to the other. At times, people comment on my apparent need to be constantly on the go and I used to get defensive and argue my point. Finally, one day, I admitted to myself that I love trying new and I love the adventures of life so why should I stop now?

On my adventures, I find one of the lessons I am learning is about the uncertainty of being certain. I now own a fabulous bistro. I am certain of the food we offer, the service we provide, the intent of the bistro and what we are trying to accomplish. What I am at times uncertain about decisions I make for my highest good. Isn't that funny!?

I have a full time job, the bistro, a holistic healing business, a son who is a national level competitive swimmer and a husband I love spending time with. With a limited number of hours in the day, I juggle many activities and try to focus my energies where they are most needed. I made a decision to close the bistro on Mondays and Tuesdays to give staff (including myself) well deserved time off to recoup and prepare for the rest of the week. I was certain this was the right decision and yet as soon as I announced the change of operating hours 1 individual (who has never been to the bistro) questioned my decision and I suddenly became uncertain. After all, we are in the service industry shouldn't we be servicing people instead of being closed?

Here's the truth about opening a business. We open businesses for ourselves. It is our passions, our energies and our desires to build something we love that drives us. If other people love it too, so much the better. If I built a business based on other people's needs and desires I would quickly lose interest and turn my focus to other activities. Over the 5 months we have been open, I can identify a handful of times where I changed my decisions based on 1 person's comment. Each and every time, the person never came back so why am I uncertain about being certain? Lesson learned. I gratefully thank the teachers I have had for this lesson. I am certain of my course and I allow myself self-care and balance.

Do you have any recurring uncertainties of being certain?

In my last blog, I talked about being connected to the oneness, the collective consciousness and how Gaia tells me that is done. We are all empathic with the ability to connect to all living beings including her. We sense what others feel and we feel what others sense.

In this blog, I am going to talk about those who appear to be disconnected from the oneness. Those individuals who feel that what they do "doesn't hurt or affect anyone else so why should anybody care!?" What brings an individual to the point where they would injure themselves and think no one is affected? Everyone is someone's child, friend, spouse, partner, parent...Everyone is connected to someone in some way. As many of you have done, I too have experienced trauma in my childhood and lived in silence for years. As Gaia once told me, the earth is a giant classroom and we are all here to learn. In order for us to "learn", stuff has to happen and people play their parts to make stuff happen. Do not judge your life experience against another's experience. The lessons are not the same and the depth of the learning is individual.

I am writing about this because I am currently being affected by an individual who is living a dangerous lifestyle. I have spoken with this individual to help them identify how their behaviour is affecting those around them. I have cajoled, I have tried to join them in their world and understand the driving force behind their life and I just cannot seem to break through the apathy. I cannot seem to influence their thinking and help them to understand they are more than what they believe they are, they are more than what they project themselves to be but nothing seems to work. As a shaman, I am very aware that the desire to heal must come from them rather than having me push it on them. How can someone who believes what they do doesn't affect anyone else even be aware that they can heal their fears, beliefs, blocks and barriers? The obvious answer is of course they cannot.

As a shaman, I am left with one clear path with this individual at this time. I must loose this individual from my life and let them continue in the stream of life. At some point, they may choose to heal and if not, it must be accepted that this is a choice they make for themselves. Before I cut this individual from my life, I will remind them of the collective, the oneness and how they are an important part of that oneness simply because they are here. We do not need to achieve great accomplishments or have lots of money or whatever to belong to the oneness. Just by the simple fact that we are here is what connects us. Just by the simple fact that we are perfect and infinite children of God that we are connected to the oneness. Remembering who we truly are is the goal of life and remembering we are loved, loving, lovable and infinitely adorable is what is required of us.

Even though I know this person is clearly on their own path and journey, I am saddened by the resistance and I foresee many difficult times ahead for this person. I harken back to my journey at the same age and recognize myself in this person. By the grace of God, I survived childhood, teen years and the early adult stage of life and many others have done as well. So, this individual will continue on their journey and make life choices they will choose to make. At some point in life, they may choose to remember they are connected to the collective and if they do, perhaps they will seek me out to help them heal. If not me, perhaps another individual.

I thank the universe for bringing this individual into my life and helping me to remember that people must voluntarily
step forward to heal. I also thank the universe for bringing you into my life and sharing who you are with me. Have a super day!

With blessings

I have been through many emotional shifts over the last few weeks. I know many of you have as well and I starting to really contemplate the meaning of the phrase "connected to the oneness, to the collective." I had heard this phrase many times in the past few years and even used it myself because I thought I understood what it meant when in truth, I recently realized that I truly didn't.

What does it mean to "connected to the oneness?" What is a oneness? What is the new age lingo that everyone appears to be bandying about so loosely? Did anyone truly know?

As always, through a series of seemingly disconnected events, I had a coming together of disparate thougths to provide me a new found level of depth and understanding of this thing called the oneness. Through the work in the boutique and with the healing done on myself and others, it is clear that everyone is an empath. This characteristic is not limited to a select few. Every life form who has ever been, is now or will ever be on this planet is empathic be it human, animal, plant...you name it. If you don't believe me, put yourself into a crappy mood and see what kind of people and wildlife you attract (or don't) to yourself. Now, put yourself in a happy mood and do the same experiment. It will indeed be eye opening.

Another name for this little experiment is called the Law of Attraction. Sound familiar? Whatever energy or thoughts you put out, is what the universe is going to give back to you. It's that simple. You don't have to do anything magical other than to send out the type of energy you want back into your life.

A few years ago, when I first learned about empaths, I held a drumming circle with some friends. One person around the circle mentioned they had a sore back. The person to the left also mentioned having a sore back and when polled, another third of the people in the room were experiencing sore backs and all in the same spot! Wow! Amazing example of how empaths are affected by those around them.

When I was reading books, I had read the connection to the oneness is done through the crown chakra. I was also told the same so I worked on expanding the crown chakra to ensure I was connected to the oneness but it didn't seem to ring true. I could not keep the crown chakra connected...essentially, it did not feel natural to me.

Emotional overload and imbalance, empaths, oneness, greater good, the collective, higher vibration, grounding, what did this all mean? How are they all related to each other and then it dawned on me: the connection to the collective, the oneness is not through the crown chakra, it is through our empathy. It is through our empathic connection to each other. If one hurts, many hurt. If one is happy, many are happy. I totally get it now.

Some of you reading this may have already gotten to this realization
and I appreciate your patience with me as I finally got there too! I do not have to connect to the oneness through the crown chakra or sit in a lotus position, meditate and chant while burning incense...all I have to do is be alive! Be alive in this great big beautiful world. There is nothing wrong in this world other than the utter chaos and confusion caused by the beings called humans who strive for something that they know not what only to find out at the end of their lives that the striving was all for nothing and the truth to life is to experience all the world and universe provides in all its glory. That is it! The answer to the universe is not 42, it is to live, to breathe! (To find out about 42, read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) To experience life as you see fit knowing that the energy you put into your life and the universe is what life and the universe will give back to you and to those around you.

Be aware of who you are. Be aware that what you exude to the universe affects those around you. There is much truth in the statement "Be As a Child" for children bring the sense of wonder and joy into life and if you experience the sense of wonder and joy, are not others going to experience that as well because we are all empaths and connected to each other? The connection is natural and very real. It is who we are, there is no escaping it or even turning it off and truly, if you could, would you really turn it off? Sure, there are times you would love to not feel anything be it bad, good or otherwise but for the most part, is it not a great time to be alive!?

I will leave you with one final thought. When I was young, I wanted to change the world. I wanted to make my mark and help people. I wanted to be a great leader and travel the world speaking to people, making them realize how fabulous I know they are if only they would realize it. My life is not turning out the way I thought it would and I am glad because now, I can affect people without them even knowing I exist. I can affect them by sending out love and peace by simply thinking it. By simply living it. By simply being it. In a very deep and profound way, I am changing the world one soul at a time. There is power in one. How are you changing and affecting the world?

With blessings


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