Lemuria wasn't a time or place, it was an ideal.  An ideal where healing and knowledge was shared freely to those willing to listen, learn and heal.  The teachers were healing themselves and sharing their experiences and insights with others willing to do the same.  While the ideal that healing and knowledge was freely shared was upheld, great peace and abundance was had by all in the area.

I have done much past life work on myself and others and the vision of the Lemurian ideal that I have pieced together come from these different experiences.  Creator and other light beings have confirmed that the vision I hold about Lemuria are true.

Let's be clear with this first however.  Others may hold a different vision of what they believe Lemuria to be that contradict my vision and all visions are valid.  My truth is not your truth and your truth is not my truth.  When we honour and respect ourselves and each other in that regard, peace and love are the only possible outcomes.

So, back to my vision of Lemuria.  I have been part of many attempts at building Lemuria and this lifetime appears to be one more attempt.  This begs the question...if we have built different Lemurias where have they all gone?  Answer:  they were destroyed by greed and anger.

In one lifetime, we had pockets of individual healers who set up Lemuria along the Bay of Fundy.  Yes, folks!  This area is incredibly powerful.  The time of greatness is not reserved only for "away" places.  The healers had agreed we would share information and healing with those interested in participating but at some point, a group of healers decided compensation was necessary for the work they did and information they imparted.  The healers came to an impasse when no compromise could be reached between those who desired to maintain the old ways and those who desired compensation.  As a result, Lemuria fell apart.

In another lifetime, Machu Picchu was established as another Lemuria, another healing center.  It was established high in the mountains so anyone desiring the information and healing had to make an effort to reach the healers/teachers.  The information and healing was freely given but you had to be willing to make the effort to reach the sacred location.  Again, a group of healers decided they desired compensation for the information and healing.  Once again, no compromise could be reached and Lemuria fell.

Yet another lifetime, the pyramids in Egypt where built as great healing temples and yet again, fell due to desire for compensation and inability to compromise.

How many times must this happen before we get it right?  I have asked this question of Creator several times and the response has always been the same:  the result is all a matter of choices made by people involved.  Creator then responds with the following question:  "What does it matter if Lemuria fails again?  You will have learned yet more from the experience."  Very true.

Is the rise and fall of Lemuria in this lifetime a lesson I agreed to learn?  Is it true that Lemuria will fall again?  Does it have to?  Some of the questions I ask myself many times a day.  There is fear holding me back at times because of the previous Lemurian experiences and my desire for Lemuria to rise and stay.  I desire for people to heal what they need to heal to live in peace.  I have by no means lived a perfect life and have learned many lessons along this life's journey but it is my desire to heal myself and learn my lessons that allows me to continue on this journey of rebuilding Lemuria.

The key issues in the fall of Lemuria are:  healers deciding they desire compensation for the work they do and knowledge they give, healers not wanting to change the basic ideal that knowledge and healing are freely given and the inability or unwillingness of either side to compromise or discuss the different viewpoints each believing their position is the correct one.  Quantum physics teaches there are an infinite number of options and choices in every moment so obviously there are many possible outcomes to the key issues.

Message from Creator:
"The desire and willingness of healers to step forward and do what is in the highest good is most necessary at this time.  It is never the healer themselves that dictate the value of what they do, it is the receiver.  The receiver shall place value on their own healing in accordance with what they deem their own worth to be.  There is danger in believing one healer is more valued then another but it is the human way.  It is the way of the 3rd dimensional beings since they place value on everything rather than understanding there is no value in anything unless one decides there is.  All is equally necessary and important but many fail to see."

And there you have it.  Where will this version of Lemuria take me and those involved, we do not yet know but the journey itself will teach us many lessons and the outcome is undetermined.  Only choices will dictate.  The choices made by the healers and the receivers.  My desired outcome is a lasting Lemuria.  Perhaps this time?

With blessings
People have often wondered about elevating their vibration.  What does that mean?  How is that accomplished?  There are many different answers for this question so I will share my experiences about elevating vibrations.

Creator has often shown me pictures of fears, beliefs and blocks as weights we carry around.  Over time the weights slow us down, hunch us over and start to wear at our physical bodies.  By healing and releasing fears, beliefs and blocks, the weights are dropped and our bodies can stay tall and upright.  The more you heal, the taller your body can be upright.  The taller you stand, the less likely you are to experience imbalances otherwise known as diseases.  Imbalances are found in lower vibrational beings and are caused by low vibrating thoughts and emotions.  Food and the environment around us also cause our bodies to vibrate lower.

Everything in our world vibrates.  Our bodies, our food.  Even rocks and crystals have a vibration.  Many will often use crystals to help with different imbalances they are experiencing and have excellent results.

Thoughts and emotions have a vibration as well.  As you think thoughts and feel emotions, you are raising or lowering your vibration accordingly.  The highest vibrational thoughts and emotions center around self-love and the lowest vibrational thoughts and emotions center around self-hate with a broad range in between.

Why am I always attracting negative people in my life?  If you are asking yourself this question, perhaps it is time for you to review the kind of thoughts you think and emotions you feel.  Creator says it all the time:  people around you are a mirror of yourself to you.

How do you begin to change thoughts and emotions?  Start by learning to love yourself.  The most incredible tool we have at our disposal is the mirror.  Mirrors are all around us.  Any reflective surface is a mirror.  When you stand in front of the mirror or reflective surface, look deeply in to your own eyes and say "I love you."  This is not as easy as it sounds.  Some people will quickly learn to fall in love with themselves and this is good.  Others will take some time and this is also good.  You are having the true awareness of how you feel about yourself and you are gifting yourself with healing it.  When you get to a point where you can say "I love you" to yourself in the mirror without crying, you have truly begun to know the truth that you are loving, lovable and loved.

Self-love is not narcissistic, it is essential to life.  Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity.  Self-love is the peaceful knowing of the truth that you are a perfect and infinite child of God.  Self-love brings peace, joy and balance to your life.  It is an incredible state of connection to the oneness, to the whole being you are and to those around you.  You are able to see the perfection in others before they are able to see it for themselves.  It is a state of being I desire for everyone for it is in that state of being that you understand how truly magnificent and wonderful you are.  There are times I wish I could transmit what I see about others into their own heads so they can see their true glory but, sigh, that is not to be.  People must set out on their own journey of discovery and healing to truly understand who they are.

Raising your vibration through thoughts, emotions, food, etc. will have a direct and immediate impact on the world around you.  The people you hang out with will begin to change as well.  Some may even be angry and resent the fact you are changing.  "Oh, so now you think you are better than me!"  I have heard this before and the truth is not that I am better than you, the truth is I am choosing to live in a higher vibration so I do not attract imbalance in my life.  I choose to attract peace, love and joy.  In order to stay in a higher vibrational state, choices need to be made.  Sometimes these choices are easy to make and at other times, the choices are difficult but if you make the decision for self-love, everything you do and everything you are will and must change.

Message from Creator:
"It is not true that others are less than others or others are more than others.  Everyone is equal in the eyes of creations.  It is the individual that judges themselves to be less or more.  This judgement causes imbalances within the being and without.  It is not for you to judge, it is for you to heal.  It is for you to determine what life you choose to live and take action to make that life so.  It is for the glory of God and the glory of those around you you live the life you choose.  Self-love is a choice and it is a perfect state of being.  It shows others it is possible and it is truly the state you were created and born in.  It is the state you are pulled away from and a state you are truly desiring to be in as you search for the answer to your existence.  The breath strengthens the connection to all that is.  The breath is a key to healing.  To breathe is to cause you to pause.  To bring awareness to the self.  To understand you must pause and not be in constant motion.  It is in this motion you loose connection to who you are, all that is and all that could be."

And there you have it.  Change your thoughts, change your emotions, raise your vibration, heal your life.  Pretty simple...

With blessings
Perception is everything.  How we perceive others, what they say, what they do...this dictates how we react in return.  I've recently had an experience where I was perceived as giving up friendship for money and I perceived the other person as being unreasonable and hard headed.  In both cases, the perception was incorrect but the damage was already done.  Can the damage be repaired?  Only choices will dictate the outcome of this situation.

Those of you who know me will understand the value I place on friendship and how much I "give away" without any recompense because Creator has guided it to be in the highest good to do so.  Teaching other people to accept gifts is very important and part of the healing journey.  My perception of the other person as being unreasonable and hard headed was based on my unwillingness to bend and compromise.  We are indeed all mirrors of each other for each other, aren't we?

Because I am looking for it, there have been many situations over the last few weeks in my day job I can use as perfect examples for how perceptions cloud the message truly intended to be delivered.

I share these stories with you because it is important for everyone to understand how dangerous perceptions can be.  The person receiving the message being delivered will hear the message based on their current situation and mind set.  If the receiver of the message is ready for a good fight, the message will be perceived as a battle cry to take up arms.  If the receiver of the message is peaceful and balanced, they will perceive the message as information to be absorbed and pondered.

How much misunderstanding drives our actions and outcomes?  How many friendships and relationships have been damaged by incorrect perceptions?  It is a story that plays itself out every day for those who are not careful.  As a former instructor, I have always made it a rule in my classroom that if the receiver is not perceiving the message in the way I had intended it, then I was sending the wrong message.  I took responsibility for the receiver's interpretation.  It was easy for me to control the environment and establish the correct mind set for people in my computer courses thus making communication easier.  It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to establish the correct mind set outside of a very structured environment.  The emphasis however is still on me to ensure the receiver of the message is able to articulate back to me the idea behind the message in such a way that it aligns with what I was originally trying to say.

This brings up another point about perceptions.  In the classroom, it was my responsibility to ensure the message being delivered was correctly perceived and I had control over the mind set of the people sitting in that classroom because we were all there for a purpose:  to learn about a specific subject.  In the realm of every day life, is it my responsibility to ensure the message I am trying to deliver is correctly perceived?  How much control do I really have over the person receiving the message?  If it is important, I can certainly ask the person to repeat back to me what they believe they heard me say and I can correct any misunderstandings, couldn't I?  What if they are still not getting it?  What if they are unwilling to understand my message?  Can I truly control what people think and how they perceive the message I am giving?

The answer to that is of course no because people make decisions about how they will perceive a message.  If the message offends them, they have the absolute right to question the person delivering the message and ask for clarification of what was being said.  But how many people take the time to do that?  Have you ever said to someone "what you said has just offended me.  Here is what I heard you say...  Can you clarify if this is the message you are trying to get across?"  Or do you simply assume the other person is meaning to offend and engaged in hostilities?

It is a difficult subject to discuss and one that continues to baffle.  Some day soon, take the time to truly observe conversations and others' perceptions of what you say.  It is truly an eye opener and a great lesson for all of us to learn.

Message from Creator:
"It is when a message is perceived by the head and not the heart that problems occur.  Misinformation is a constant companion of strife and is a constant companion of disagreements.  When communication is true and clear and accepted as intended that love is the result and healing occurs.  It is unfortunate that perceptions are clouding truths and truths are lost in anger.  If the truth was accepted as much as misinterpretations, peace would be the ultimate outcome and most desirable.  Breathe and allow yourself to listen with your heart rather than with your head.  It is important at this juncture in human evolution to begin to function at higher levels of vibration where misinterpretations do not happen because we communicate from spirit to spirit.  Without subterfuge and without prejudices, simply love.  We encourage you to begin silent communications from heart to heart, soul to soul, spirit to spirit.  Much can be said without a word being spoken."

With blessings

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