A mentor of mine shared a piece of wisdom with me many years ago that still holds true today: when the dream is big enough, the facts don't count.

Think about that statement for a moment and then reflect back on your life. Have you had a moment of triumph and glory and wonder how it happened? According to the facts and the know-it-alls, given your background, your lack of this or your lack of that, you should never have succeeded but yet, you did. How did that happen exactly?

We allow dreams to be stolen from us when well meaning individuals in our lives discourage us from going for it. It's not because they don't believe in us, they just don't want to see us suffer if we don't reach our goals. They don't want to see us fail or cry when we fall short. What they don't understand and what we forget is that dreams will cause us to grow. Dreams will cause us to stretch beyond what we believe are our limits and that stretching can be painful. You will have to let go of limiting beliefs. You will have to let go of the stories and the reasons why you couldn't possibly...why you will never...

My list of facts include: "I want to wait until everything is perfect." "The moment has to be right." "The experts are saying it's not possible." "I don't have enough money." "There's never enough time." "I don't have the right clothes." "I am not slim enough." "I am not smart enough."

At times I forget about the dreams I have accomplished because I get caught up in the facts and forget about my mentor's wisdom. I now have a dream board to help me stay focused on what I would like to achieve next.

I share this story with you because the universe DESIRES for you to succeed. The universe and the energies conspire to help you have your dreams and your glory MORE than you want it for yourself at times. You need to step out of your own way and let it happen.

Take a deep breath and speak your dreams out loud. Go ahead and do it! You will be amazed at how it makes you feel to hear it from your own lips. Now, write it down and post it where you can see it and envision it for yourself every day. See it with your heart. Emblazon it in your mind. Set your actions towards the achievement of that dream.

Dreams are possible in spite of the facts. I read stories about people achieving the incomprehensible because they ignored the facts and listened to their own spirit and heart that said "yes...you can do it. This is your moment to shine."

Dare to dream. Dare to dream big.

With blessings
I am entering my 50th year in this lifetime and I am coming to the realization that most of my years are probably behind me now. As I turn towards and fully engage in the next part of my life, I took stock of where I was, what I looked to accomplish in this new chapter and what was required of me to make it happen.

One aspect of my life I need to get a handle on is my physical being. I had done much work on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and largely ignored the physical. There are many reasons for that including the sense that I am not attached to the physical body I chose for this lifetime. Perhaps it sounds a little strange but I have always felt like a passenger in this body rather than feeling like I am this body. Needless to say, I have healing around the physical that will be necessary over the coming days and weeks.

The reason I mention the physical body is because I have been having trouble with the achilles tendon on the right heel. When I visited my friendly neighbourhood physiotherapist, he promptly informed me that I am walking using the wrong muscles. He explained the mechanics of how the body should be working (this lead me to an even greater level of awe for creator and the body we have been given) and apparently my body has been doing it wrong for many years. Only now, it is letting me know that it is tired of doing it wrong and being in pain. Something needs to be done.

After 49 years of walking, it appears I need to learn to walk all over again! I must retrain the muscles to do what they are intended for. Wow! 

In hindsight, I had done this with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies in the past did I not? I lead my life with ego and not spirit. I had to train ego to take its rightful place in the holy trinity where spirit leads, ego protects and body carries. I had to train my spirit to lead after many years of either being hidden or ignored. The ego and the spirit are two parts of the holy trinity and for many years were out of balance so it only makes sense that retraining the body is now required since it too has been out of balance for a long time. In retraining the ego and the spirit, there was much pain, many tears, extraordinary releases and incredible outcomes. I suspect retraining the physical will be no different. I am teaching my working muscles to let go of the tension and the desire to work when they should be resting. I am teaching my resting muscles to work as they are supposed to and the biggest part of this retraining process is forgiving myself for not taking care of my body sooner and for allowing it to go out of balance to this extreme. The upside of all of this is that my body is still in great shape in spite of the neglect and for that I am very grateful.

As we start the month of February in the year of completion (2016 is a 9 year), is there some retraining you could be doing for yourself in order to find balance in your life? In which body could you be focusing to release, retrain and regain balance? If there is, you have someone who can help you because having help is truly necessary.

As I leave you with those thoughts to ponder, I am preparing for my lower extremity release routine.

Have a great day!

With blessings

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