The ancient healing ways are being remembered by those willing to heal themselves and do the work necessary to be able to channel and effectively use such ways. I have been blessed enough to have healed many fears and beliefs in this life and a few nights ago I was gifted with one of the ancient healing ways.

The gift came from Gaia (Mother Earth) and Ra (God of the Sun).

I had a belief healing energy came from Creator through the crown chakra and was directed out my hands to the individual receiving the healing. According to Gaia, healing energy comes from her. It comes through our root chakra and is directed out my hands to the individual receiving the healing. I had it completely wrong!

This indeed makes sense since I am constantly grounding myself to stay balanced and in line with the highest good.

Gaia has stated that there is no way the human form can channel energy directly from celestial bodies because the human form does not vibrate at a high enough frequency. Gaia takes in energy from whatever celestial body is projecting towards her and she transforms this energy into a vibration we can take in and use. Because we come from Gaia and when our bodies are done, we return to Gaia, it only makes sense we receive healing energies from her as well. The type of healing energy at our disposal is dictated by the celestial body Gaia is receiving the energy from. As above, so below.

Perhaps for some of you, this is not new information and that is good. This means more of us are waking up to the truth. I am indeed honoured to be called by Gaia and Ra to begin the campaign of educating the masses and healing those ready to make the change necessary to survive the shift.

While channeling Gaia and Ra, the relationship between the two of them became clear. Ra is the masculine energy and Gaia is the feminine energy. Together, they birth life. Without the sun, life would wither and die. Without Gaia, life would never be created and experienced. When the two are in balance, the natural rhythm of life happens. As my husband, Allan Williamson, said today, the flow is what Gaia is all about.

As my friend, Krista Leaman, pointed out, not only is there a terrible imbalance between our relationship with Gaia, we also have a terrible relationship with the sun. We believe the sun will cause cancers and all sorts of other terrible diseases so we must cover up. We must slather our bodies with sunscreen to protect ourselves. The truth is that we cannot live without the sun and the natural chemical reaction our bodies need from sun exposure. I personally require a lot of sunlight or I begin to feel depressed. I do not use sunscreen
or wear a hat, even by the water. People are going to disagree with the following which is my truth and I honour that: cancer is caused by suppressed fear and rage and not by over exposure of sunlight. 

We need to reset the balance we have with Gaia and Ra. Our very survival depends on it.

One of the message Gaia shared is that she is hurting...a lot. Her children are dying and by children, she means all living beings even rocks and stones. She is being plundered for greed and the very things being plundered cannot be replaced or renewed. It is not logical. She provides for all of our needs and yet we seem to require more than she is able or willing to give. She is getting angry with the choices we are making. She has provided us many opportunities to change our ways and to live in harmony with her. We have ignored her warnings. The time has come for her to reset the balance and with the forces and elements ther disposal, the retribution will be swift. For those not living in the highest good, the potential rebalancing could be severe.

Gaia is hurting. Her children are dying. We are the cause, the reason for this.

When I asked Gaia if she had a message to channel at this time, I received no answer. She is biding her time but be aware, it is coming.

With blessings


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